About Us

Who We Are

Family Connection began as a pilot program in 1991 by Governor Zell Miller to coordinate services for the educational, social, economic, and physical well-being of Georgia’s children.  Fifteen communities volunteered to participate in the two year pilot program.  In 1993, the state legislature provided funds to establish a technical assistance system for the original communities.  During the years of 1996-2001, Georgia Family Connection helped Georgia to improve 8 out of 10 measures of child well-being.  By 2002, all 159 counties are part of the Georgia Family Connection network.  Today, these counties continue working with families to be successful.

In our county, Family Connection is fortunate to be housed in the school system, where we can work closely with students and families.  The Union County Board of Education serves as our fiscal agent.  We have been in existence since 1998 and have developed relationships with numerous agencies and  organizations in order to research the needs of children and families in our community, and to work together to address those needs.

The focus of our work:  Every child in Union County will grow up to become a successful, productive and contributing adult.

We pursue that goal by determining the areas of need, building on community and family strengths, pooling resources, working with a variety of community members, and committing to a long-term process of planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Using a family-centered approach, schools, health and human service agencies, business, the faith community, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, civic clubs, and others work together with families, focusing on school success, appropriate decision making, physical and mental health and reducing drug and alcohol use.

A Few of Our Organizational Partners

Union County Board of Education, Avita Community Partners,  Union County Anti-Drug Coalition, Public Health, Department of Family & Children Services, Enotah Child Advocacy and Family Visitation Center, Support in Abusive Family Emergencies (S.A.F.E), Department of Juvenile Justice, Chamber of Commerce, individual businesses and churches, Union County government, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Department of Labor,  Georgia Mountains Regional Commission, and many others. Our most important partners are the families whose children we are serving. 

Some of the projects that have been initiated through this process

  • Union County Mentor Program
  • Family Outreach
  • Union County Niyelo Program
  • Truancy Prevention
  • Enotah Juvenile Family Therapy Program
  • Positive Social Norms Campaign

The Future:

We will continue working with our partners to determine need, as well as, develop, implement and evaluate programs.

Please join with us through financial support, and/or active participation as a volunteer or collaborative member to achieve our goal: Every child in Union County will grow up to become a successful, productive and contributing adult.