Our family advocates work within the school system to connect families to resources in Union county. The two part-time family advocates are Becky Tracy and Katy Jones.

Becky and Katy work with students at Head Start/9th District Pre-K, Primary School, Elementary, Middle, High, Woody Gap School, the Alternative Education Program and Mountain Education Charter High School.  Becky is also the parent mentor for special education services. To contact Becky, please call 706-745-2322 Ext. 1546 or send her an email. Katy also coordinates Family Connection, working to ensure students graduate on time.  To contact Katy, please call 706-745-2322 Ext 1544 or send her an email.  Both Becky and Katy can also be reached via a direct line at 706-835-4351.

Union County Family Connection is also fortunate to have Pam Pauley working as a volunteer to coordinate the Mentor Program.  Pam matches students with a caring adult model who can work with them to provide a listening ear.  Email Pam to find out more about the Mentor Program.

Becky, Pam and Katy can also be reached via a direct phone line at 706-835-4351.