Family Outreach Program

Family Outreach Leaders work to help put families in touch with needed resources.  Some of these resources might include clothing, healthcare, glasses, medication, food, shelter, school supplies, or counseling.  School faculty may see a need for a child and make a referral to the Family Outreach Leader, or parents may get in touch with them to make a request for help.  Family Connection is fortunate to have many willing partners who can help us meet the needs of families.  For example, we work with the Kiwanis Club, Peachcare and Medicaid, churches, the S.A.F.E House, community members and businesses, Mental Health, the Health Department, and DFCS, just to name a few.  As a way to reach families with limited transportation, home visits may be made.  At times, families have an immediate need.  In this case, Family Connection has an Emergency Fund available so that an Outreach Leader can quickly purchase a pair of shoes or pay for gas to heat a home.  Families are also encouraged to search for jobs or ways that they can support themselves in the future so as not to depend on agencies for financial support.  Family Connection feels that if a family is able to meet their basic needs, then children will be more successful in school and in life.