Local Interagency Planning Teams (LIPT), required by law (currently GA Code 49.5.220-227 and amended in  HB  228), are established at the county level.  The purpose is to improve and facilitate the coordination of services for children with severe emotional disorders (SED) and/or addictive disease (AD).  Goals are:

  • To assure that children with SED and/or AD and their families have access to a system of care in their geographic area;
  • To assure the provision of an array of community therapeutic and placement services;
  • To decrease fragmentation and duplication of services and maximize the utilization of all available resources in providing needed services
  • To facilitate effective referral and screening systems that will assure children have access to the services they need to lead productive lives

Membership of the Union County LIPT includes representatives from each of the following:   Division of Family and Children Services, Department of Juvenile Justice,  Union County Health Department, Avita Community Partners, Cornerstone Counseling, Lookout Mountain, Georgia Mountain Regional Commission, Enotah Child Advocacy Center, Enotah Juvenile Family Therapy Program, Union County Schools, Family Connection and parents or parent advocates.  The team meets once a month with referrals being generated from community agencies.

LIPT Brochure