The Union County Niyelo Program is an adventure-based group program that serves children in Union County Schools in grades K-12.  The aim of the program is to provide students an opportunity to become part of a team building experience that focuses on teaching them how to think and behave in healthy ways.  The program has proven to have a positive effect on student’s grades, disciplinary referrals, school absences, and self-confidence.  Through the use of games and group initiatives, skills such as cooperation, communication, group problem solving, and trust building are learned and enhanced by those who participate. The groups usually last 8-10 weeks and meet once a week for an hour during the school day.  Groups are typically scheduled during non-academic classes and work with students to develop life skills.

Currently, groups are being offered at the alternative school and Woody Gap School.  Group locations are determined by the number of referrals received in each school.


Photos & videos from some of the activities can be viewed here.