Family Connection Brand Refresh

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Georgia Family Connection has a new, updated look, including a new logo and color palette.

The new Georgia Family Connection logo better represents, and evokes the clarity and focus of, the network’s mission.

The green and eggplant color palette invokes Family Connection’s vision for healthy, robust, and vibrant children, families, and communities that thrive.

The overlapping circles demonstrate the intersection of the network’s five results areas and the “messiness” of collaboration that members of this network embrace. That overlap also demonstrates that Georgia Family Connection works in the background to convene and support partners, and highlights the network’s reputation as the glue that holds community Collaboratives together through strong relationships.

The crisscrossing rays that extend inward and outward illustrate that every connection matters. It’s the relationships between people, partners, and state agencies that help build the social infrastructure for Georgia’s children and families.

The new typeface lends a clean and modern yet traditional look, and the lowercase letters demonstrate that Georgia Family Connection is approachable and invites all stakeholders to the table.

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