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The Union County Community Prevention Alliance Workgroup (UC CPAW) was awarded a FY2021 Drug-Free Communities Support Program grant in the amount of $ 125,000 by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Coalition serves Union County and Blairsville, GA, a community of 23,300.  The goals of the coalition are to establish and strengthen community collaboration in support of local efforts to prevent youth substance use. The coalition will achieve its goals by implementing these strategies:  information dissemination, education, providing support and alternate activities, and environmental change to reduce access to alcohol and e-cigarettes. Information will be shared in a variety of ways such as a Positive Social Norms Campaign that will target both youth and their caregivers.  The community will be educated by offering Love and Logic Parenting classes, Connections Matter Training, to educate on the negative impact of adverse childhood experiences, and continuing Botvin Lifeskills training in grades 6-8. Simultaneously, alternate activities in the form of a Mentoring Program will be continued and expanded and environmental scans of retailers will be conducted in order to determine availability and distribution to minors. The UC CPAW works toward the mission of bringing together community partners with the common goal of reducing substance use among youth in Union County and the vision has become, “Union County, where all community members are aware of the negative impacts of underage drinking and e-cigarette use, and therefore no one under 21 participates in these activities.”