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We were pleased to gather for our annual Mentor and Volunteer Appreciation Banquet to celebrate the profound impact of mentors—their guidance, support, and the heartfelt connections they forge. Each mentor embodies the spirit of a hug from the heart, offering warmth, encouragement, and understanding to those they guide. Here’s to the mentors who light the paths of their students and inspire them to reach new heights.
Our Mentor Banquet was further enriched by the inspiring words of our special speakers, Richard Hoibraten and Mary Beth Cornwell, who generously shared their invaluable mentoring experiences with us.
In addition, a heartfelt thank you extends to the Union County Community Center for not only providing us with a delicious meal but also for their unparalleled hospitality. The supportive and dedicated staff have gone above and beyond to ensure our event was a memorable time for all involved.
We are deeply grateful for the contributions of all involved and thank you for inspiring us to continue the noble tradition of mentorship in our community.